Slow Cooking Can Free Up Your Day.

14 Nov

Slow cooking is an old-fashioned method of cooking that offers many benefits. Ingredients made in a slow cooker are typically extremely tender and flavorful. Additionally, it is a time efficient method of cooking because one can simply place the ingredients in the slow cooker in the morning before leaving for work and have a completed meal upon arriving home in the evening. A couple of recipes that come to mind when thinking of delicious slow cooker meals include pot roast and chicken tacos.The whole story can be found at
Pot roast
Pot roast can be tailored to individual tastes, but the gist of it is to place whatever ingredients you yearn for in the slow cooker with the pot roast. Choose your meat of choice as well as vegetables. Make sure there is adequate water in the slow cooker. Lastly, add your spices of choice. One can also use a pre-packaged pot roast seasoning that is sold in many grocery stores.
Chicken tacos
Simply place a whole chicken in the slow cooker with seasoning and garlic. Place the slow cooker on low with enough water. Upon completion, remove the bones, shred and serve this delectable chicken in tortillas of your choice. Top with your favorite garnishes.

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